We are looking for innovative solutions to reduce
Food Loss and Waste in México

Congratulations to the Contest Winners, SaveFruit and Mi Fruta, Mi Pueblo!
We thank all the finalists and participants for the excellent
work they did to present innovative solutions.


The startup offers post-harvest technologies that can be used to extend the shelf life of the fruits after they are harvested, providing extra protection against fungal and bacterial diseases that may appear on the fruit. The product acts in a natural and specific way, so it is not toxic to humans or the environment and allows all participants within the fruit production chain to benefit; including storage, transportation, distribution, commercialization, and domestic consumption.

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Mi Fruta, Mi Pueblo

The proposal consists of a network of community learning circles to transform seasonal fruits into innovative by-products, visualizing the possibility of commercialization and the formation of producer cooperatives. They currently work in Zapotec communities in the state of Oaxaca with excess citrus, preventing the surplus from being wasted and thus promoting the prevention of food loss and waste in populations with food shortages and extreme poverty.

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Special Recognition: Preemar

The startup developed a real-time water quality monitoring system that helps fish-farmers to maintain a disease-free environment and prevent production losses. The farmers can access this information at any time and remotely through a mobile application and web platform. Also, when detecting a variation in any of the parameters, the system sends the farmer a preventive alert so that he can take the necessary actions.

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In Mexico, 20.4 million tons of food are lost and wasted annually. This represents 34% of all food produced. Its economic cost is estimated at 491 billion Mexican pesos (about 26 billion dollars), or the equivalent of 2.5% of the country's GDP.

To provide solutions to this problem, we launched the #SinDesperdicioMéxico Contest, which will grant non-reimbursable financing and customized incubation to innovative, viable and impact solutions.


In Mexico there are critical points along the production and supply chain where a significant amount of food is lost or wasted. These stages or critical points are presented as challenges to be addressed by the proposals presented:

  • Primary production
  • Food Processing (Manufacturing)
  • Supply markets
  • Commercialization
  • Hotel and restaurant industry
  • Homes


The #SinDesperdicioMéxico Contest will select:


Who will have the opportunity to participate in a Bootcamp in México City, which will include workshops on innovation, pitching and business models, interaction with mentors and experts, meetings with other entrepreneurs and final presentation.

Winning solutions
  • The first place will receive a prize of USD 15,000 as seed capital for the implementation of the solution.
  • The second place will receive a prize of USD 10,000 as seed capital for the implementation of the solution.
  • The first two places and up to three additional proposals will also participate of an incubation/pre-acceleration program.
  • Winning projects could be considered for a pilot project financed by the IDB lab, subject to due diligence and corresponding internal approval, proposals must meet due process and eligibility conditions



Contest opening: November 18, 2019
Contest closing: February 3, 2020


Applications evaluation: February 4 to 18, 2020
Finalists’ list publication: February 19, 2020


Bootcamp: Bootcamp:
Final pitch: March 20, 2020

Who can apply?

  • Natural and legal persons can submit their applications: companies, non-governmental organizations, public institutions, universities, educational and research centers.
  • Applicants, whether natural or legal persons, must have the following characteristics:
    - Belong to one of the member countries of the Inter-American Development Bank (borrowing and non-borrowing countries).
    - Have at least 18 years old at the time of application.
    - The proposed solutions must be in prototype phase or already tested in the market.

Applications must be sent only through the online system linked to this portal. The deadline to apply is Monday, February 3, 2020 at 23:59 (Mexico City time).